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Missouri is one of six states holding presidential primaries Tuesday as the November general election draws near.

On the Democratic side, Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders have emerged as the front runners. While President Donald Trump is the overwhelming favorite to secure the Republican nomination. 

Here’s what some Springfield voters had to say about what brought them out to the polls.

On the Missouri State University campus, where anyone registered to vote in Greene County can cast a ballot, Rachel McGrath said she was happy her preferred candidate — Bernie Sanders — was still alive.

McGrath, a St. Louis transplant who attends classes at MSU, said she believes Sanders is interested in what is best for young people, the working class and people of color. 

“I’ve always felt like his policies are very consistent throughout his terms and he really seems to care about people and wanting to do the best policies for them,” McGrath said. “I would feel very comfortable with him representing me in D.C.”

McGrath said she did not want to miss an opportunity to vote on Tuesday morning because she is young and fairly new to voting. She also appreciated the convenience of being able to vote at the Davis-Harrington Welcome Center on campus.

“I just think it’s really important to use your voice when you can, when you’re given the opportunity to,” McGrath said.

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